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There are comedy nights, and then there’s Grasshopper Bar FREE monthly Comedy Night. Whether it’s the perfect date night, an evening with the boys, a lady’s night out, or even a good place to take your mother-in-law, Grasshopper has a show for you.

Not only are you guaranteed great laughs from top tier professionals, but with no entry fee, you can really splash out on our delicious small plates, huge wine list and classic cocktails.

Let us entertain you!

Thursday 23rd May


Martin Davis

Looking like some bizarre marionette tug-of-love struggle between Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Martin Davis skids and bounces across the stage, strung up and tugged around by unknown forces, firing off a relentless rapid-fire assault that hits every corner of the room and kills 100% of all known hecklers stone dead. Going where mere joke-tellers fear to tread with his characteristic kamikaze bravado (“Go on, heckle me”) he walks the razor edge of audience participation, daring them to pick him off it.
His skill in warming up the chilliest rooms and turning the stoniest punters into soft putty in his hands makes Martin Davis the comic’s favourite compere. With enough nervous energy to power a small city, Martin is the Jolt Cola of the circuit. Consumer advice would read: connect up the microphone, shout “Clear!” and stand well back!
Martin’s talents don”t stop on stage. With several years of acting experience behind him, Martin has wide appeal, from appearances in the BBC production of Bulla, starring Ricky Grover, to a variety of foreign adverts.

“hilarious … Davis whisks inconsequential exchanges into an electrified atmosphere … he makes it looks so easy” Chortle
“Davis is very, very good – and as host, held the show together” Daily Mirror
“a hilarious parrot-faced twat!” Viz
“On the ball, Davis, a consummate professional, never dies” Cape Times
“The star of the evening, for my money, was compere Martin Davis, a cockney stuffed with mercurial Welsh genes (surely?!), who had abrasive wit, tons of energy and an unparalleled ability talk dirty without causing too much offence” The Mercury
“Electric, sharp, and with a sympathetic face that looks like it was carved by a Polynesian shaman” Cape Argus


Hasan Al-Habib

Hasan, born to Iraqis that decided Baghdad wasn’t dangerous enough and so moved to Birmingham, started stand-up at Uni and is already regarded as one of the circuit’s most exciting new comedians.

In 2019, Hasan took his stand up show “FootDarks” (the Cambridge Footlights whose names you can’t pronounce) to the Edinburgh fringe. It was critically acclaimed, with The Guardian newspaper calling it “deliciously funny”.

He has since performed at sold out club nights around the country,and has opened for various comedians, including Ken Cheng, Fern Brady, Ahir Shah, Adam Hess and Sara Barron. He will also be performing in the final of the 2022 Chortle Student Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival, after having recently performed at Latitude Festival 2022.

” will make a million” – Jamali Maddix

“Glorious and funny” – Sofie Hagen

“F***ing brilliant” – Limmy


Dave Wilder

Dave Wilder is a fast-rising stand-up comedian, based in Brighton, who is gigging for clubs, promoters and festivals all over the UK.
Alongside his comedy, he is also a bestselling, award-winning author.

Thursday 20th June


Alan Francis

Since winning Channel 4’s So you Think You’re Funny at the 1991 Edinburgh Festival, Alan has been a regular on the UK and International Comedy Circuit.

He has appeared in numerous TV shows including Psychoville, Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge, Knowing Me Knowing Yule, Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression, Ancona and Co, Alas Smith and Jones, The BBC Stand-Up Show, the Alan Davies Show, Alexei Sayle’s Stuff, Between the Lines and Taggart.

He has acted in the West End and at The Royal Court Theatre, for The National Theatre of Scotland and at the RSC.

Last year Alan ‘s show Inside Alan Francis was broadcast on Radio 4 Extra as was his comedy drama Eking which was on Radio 4.

A brilliant Observational Stand-Up…. **** The Scotsman

Brazen, dark and clever…. **** The List.


Josh Faulkner

One of the most exciting new one liner comedians on the circuit, Josh will have you laughing at things you shouldn’t. As seen on BBC & ITV, he is now making regular appearances at the big clubs across London and the south and has recently shared the stage with Rob Brydon, Gary Delaney and Brett Goldstein. A champion in the world of Professional Wrestling, Josh is hoping for the same levels of success and by that he means to not make the big time and hurt a lot of people on the way.


Ben Harrington

Ben is an established performer on the comedy circuit playing to audiences throughout England and Wales. Over the last few years, he has built an impressive resume as a comedian and entertainer.

He has a relatable demeanour which sometimes boils over into passionate frustrations about his challenges with the world creating energy and laughter.

In 2023 he’s taking his third solo show to Edinburgh – “44 and Flippin Furious”, a wry and self-deprecating take on the challenges of being relevant as a middle-aged dad and his place in the world.

“I genuinely enjoyed what you did last night. As you know I had little doubt inside me but I thought you had great presence and confidence and carried your material really well” Graeme Coulam Hungerford Comedy Club

Thursday 18th July


Mike Sheer

Canadian comic Mike Sheer’s comedy jumps from light to dark, smart to stupid, low-brow to high. Audiences are on their toes while laughing their butts off. With an engaging and affable stage presence, his focus on the moment means he blurs the line between compere and act – happy to give in to sudden crowd-sparked inspiration amongst crisp and gag-heavy routines.

He’s performed in fifteen countries and counting. This includes headlining and compering at theatres, clubs and pubs, as well as solo hours and compilations at festivals like Edinburgh Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, and Melbourne Comedy Festival. Screen appearances as a stand-up include MuchMusic (Canada)’s Video On Trial, BBC One’s Are You Having a Laugh? – Comedy and Christianity, and’s Shorts International. But his magnum opus is as the kid who gets high and blows his head off in stoner classic Harold & Kumar Get The Munchies – a scene that’s since become a cult favourite.


Alexis Roy

Alexis is an observational comic whose refreshingly unique slant on parenthood, marriage and increasingly awkward family encounters are told with a warmth that belies her real feelings. Enormously relatable Alexis is impressing audiences, her peers and promoters countrywide.

“Undoubtedly one of the most exciting new talents I have seen in years. She is destined for big things” – John Mann

Won Shaft Of Wit Dirty Dozen, August ’23

Won Beat the Blackout, March ’23


Hamish Shepherd

Hamish Shepherd is an comedian from Australia, where his ancestors were sent to a penal colony for being too funny, among other crimes. His dark, sarcastic and cheeky style is a hit with audiences in London, where he moved for a climate to suit his comedy. In a short time he made an impact in the Sydney comedy scene, performing at clubs all over Sydney, including the famous Sydney Comedy Store. He’s a 2x state finalist for the National Raw competition in Australia.